Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please send us a message.

When can I check in?

We are a small bed and breakfast and our reception is not always attended so please let us know at what time you expect to arrive so that we can make sure that we are there to welcome you.

Our standard check-in times are between 4pm and 8pm. Arriving outside of these times is no problem as long as you let us know in advance.

If you arrive before 4pm then we can usually make arrangements to let you drop off your luggage until your room is ready.

If you arrive later than 8pm without informing us then you might have to wait and we may have to charge a fee for a late check-in.

When can I check-out?

You can check-out any time before 11am. If you would like a later check-out time then please ask in advance and we will always try to be flexible whenever possible.

We are always happy to store any luggage for you if you are not leaving Lecce straight away.

Is there parking?

Most of our guests park in the area just outside Porta San Biagio which is called Piazza d’Italia. Spaces are marked with blue lines and, for the spaces closest to Porta San Biagio, the cost is €1.10 per hour between 9am – 2pm and 4pm – 9pm Monday to Saturday (€11 per day). Parking is free outside of these hours, on Sundays and public holidays.

Just a few steps further away, on Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, the cost is €0.60 per hour between the same times mentioned previously (€6 per day).

There is secure parking available at a cost of €15 per day on Via Oberdan (which is about 10 minutes’ walk from And So). However, generally our guests have no problem with using the metered parking areas around Piazza d’Italia which is definitely the more convenient option if you plan to take day trips around Salento.

The ticket machines only accept coins so you will need some change (“spicci” in Italian). As you put the coins in the machine, the display will tell you at what time the ticket will be valid until. The machines are ‘intelligent’ and will ignore the times when a ticket isn’t required so, if you put enough coins in, the ticket will even carry over until the next day (so you don’t have to worry about rushing to get another ticket in the morning).

PLEASE NOTE: it is forbidden for unauthorised cars to enter the historical centre. Restricted roads are marked with a sign saying ‘zona traffico limitato’ and show a white circle with a red border (watch out for these signs in the centres of most towns in the region).

Is there a lift/elevator?

All our rooms and our roof terrace are only accessible by stairs. Most of the historical buildings in the centre of Lecce do not have a lift / elevator and upper floors are only accessible by stairs. If you have difficulty with stairs, we therefore recommend that you find an accommodation that either offers rooms on the ground floor or features a lift / elevator.

Can I drive in front of And So to drop off our luggage?

The entire historical centre of Lecce is a restricted traffic area (“Zona Traffico Limitato”) so it is therefore forbidden for unauthorised cars to enter. If you have heavy luggage then it is best to park in Piazza d’Italia, which is just a few steps away from And So, and bring your luggage from there.

Many historical centres in Italy are restricted to some degree so always watch out for signs showing a white circle with a red border and usually ‘zona traffico limitato’ is written beneath along with the times when the restrictions are in place.

How do I get to And So from the train station?

We are less than 10 minutes by foot from Lecce train station. You can download a handy map showing the easiest route as a pdf here.

Can you arrange a transfer from Bari airport for me?

For a transfer from Bari airport the cost is around €80-90 per person, one way. Bari is around 2 hours drive from Lecce so a transfer is quite expensive.

There is a train service from Bari airport to Bari Centrale which takes about 15 minutes and costs €5 per person. The times for these trains (and also tickets) are available here. Then you take a train from Bari Centrale to Lecce which takes on average 1 hour 20 minutes. Times and tickets are available here. We are less than 10 minutes by foot from Lecce train station (you can download a map showing the easiest route here).

Can you arrange an airport transfer from Brindisi airport for me?

Yes, we can arrange a private, door-to-door transfer from Brindisi airport for you. The charges are as follows for a single journey:

1 person – €40
2 people – €30 per person
3+ people – €20 per person

To arrange a transfer please include your flight number, scheduled arrival time and the total number of people in the special requests section of your booking or email us as soon as you have these details.

Can you arrange bike hire?

Yes, our friends at Velo Service have a great range of bikes to suit all needs with very good prices. For more info you can either send us a message with your requirements or you can visit their website for pricing and bike options. They also offer very good rickshaw tours which are a great way to get to know to the historical centre!

We are on a bicycle tour, can we store our bikes?

Yes, we can store up to a maximum of 4 bicycles in our reception.